Marketing research of advertising concepts promoting the OTC brand products

Established goals

The aim of the study was to submit three initial advertising concepts to the target group, presenting OTC pharmaceutical products that support the cardiovascular system. Reached conclusions provided support in choosing the version of the ad best suited for television broadcast. We also wanted to see if each of the spots individually influenced the perception of the brand. This marketing research also verified whether involving celebrities in advertisements helps create a positive brand image.


The study was both quantitative and qualitative. As part of the quantitative measurement, we decided to use the CAPI Field Testing technique. The research sample was divided into users of the product that the ad was promoting, and users of other, competing brands. The respondets had to familiarize themselves with the different concepts of ads meant for mobile devices, and then they had to answer questionnaire questions. At the same time we conducted a series of IDI qualitative interviews. This allowed us to gain in-depth data on the reception of the advertisements, and to analyse the respondents reaction when the promoted drug was a cure for his or hers ailments. The respondents eagerly shared their thoughts, feelings and suggestions for the improvement of advertising materials.


Both the quantitative survey and qualitative research results have allowed us to identify the best, in the opinion of all of the evaluated respondents, possible advertisement. Its message was also most memorized by the participants. We also gained valuable information to help improve the highest-rated version of the ad, by implementing all of the positive elements of the other concepts.