Study of "Forte" type drugs

Established goals

A study of drugs with increased concentration of the active substance


The aim of the pharma market research study was to verify how the popular over-the-counter medicines are viewed by their regular users and pharmacists. The study was primarily intended to verify how medicinal products that contain a higher concentrations of active substances are perceived compared to other products on the market.


We have analysed the brand awareness of drugs that directly respond to problems that affect the patients, and we asked each group of participants to evaluate individual products. The respondents had to refer to aspects such as price, quality, availability in pharmacies, effectiveness, speed of operation, aesthetics and size of packaging.

At the same time, we wanted to find out which of the drugs in this segment they recommended to their patients, and in what case and how often they recommend Forte products.

The study also provided us with information about the ideal drug. Participants of the study were presented with a product concept that contained a double concentration of the active substance in the tablet. Our aim was to verify how this type of proposal would be tackled in the context of resolving possible issues in the use of the drug.


We also wanted to identify factors that could increase the willingness of the user to pay more for this type of OTC product.

Implementation of the study

As part of this market research, we used the FGI qualitative research technique. The surveyed users were divided into two age groups, one of people up to the age of 35, and one 35+. The third group consisted of pharmacists who recommended over-the-counter products to patients. Each focus group consisted of 7 people.


The study showed a high awareness of the OTC segment drug brands among the users. Both the active substance itself and the drugs containing it in the name are strongly associated with an effective solution to the ailments. When choosing specific products, patients pay the most attention to their availability, price and composition.

Heavy users are very receptive to the concept of pharmaceutical products containing increased concentrations of active substances, and are increasingly inclined to reach for them. The "Forte" formula is associated with strong and rapid effects, as well as reduced frequency of drug use during the day. The participants of the FGI study also indicated specific changes and improvements to the product, that would increase their propensity to pay more for it. Pharmacists, however, are cautious in recommending drugs with increased concentrations of the active ingredient - they do so only if they consider it necessary for the patient's state of health. On the other hand, the concept presented was received very positively. In their opinion, the possibility of carrying out a complete treatment with only one pack of an OTC product justifies its price increase, and prompts them to recommend it to patients.