Market Research

We offer a wide range of market surveys like research for the advertising campaigns, consumer insights, testing of concepts/ packages/commercials (pre-store and in-store phase), advertising campaign tracking, decision makers (physicians, pharmacists) surveys, testing presence of the products in the media, brand image surveys, price analysis, message recall surveys, recall tests etc.

Market surveys and public opinion polls

Research projects are supported by experienced researchers that have both knowledge and experience. Our authorial systems help to support surveys and create professional statistical reports. We are prepared to apply customised statistical methods and research techniques as well as to expand research subject matter.

Market potential analyses (PL, CEE)

Market potential analyses can be study of the competitive environment, price surveys as well as studies of supply and demand. This elementary stage is very useful in the realisation of the new marketing and business ideas. Important elements of analysis are product and potential distribution canals.

Market potential analyses are realised before the launch of the new product on the market. The results of analyses allows to point out the target groups of costumers and to implement efficient marketing activities.

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